Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Modelling inspiration, A crisis of confidence?

I'm sure by now most of you are familiar with the UK's biggest model railway forum RMWeb if any of you reading this haven't ever checked it out I urge you to. Perhaps even sign up and join in. Don't be put off by the at the end of the web address, modellers from all over the world modelling prototypes from all over the world in all scales contribute there. No matter how remote your interests are it's very likely you'll find someone there who shares them.
"Modelling Inspiration" is the sites' tag line and also the name of a free download pdf magazine they have just started putting out. It distills some of the incredible content on the site into an easy to read magazine format. You can print it off or view it on your laptop or tablet type thingy.
Very inspiring and therein lies the problem. I am noted as a designer and builder of small layouts but as I read this magazine for the first time I was filled with a feeling of regret that I have never set out to build a larger layout that would take me several years to work on.
I felt like I wanted to stop what I was working on and come up with a new larger idea.
The feeling passed and I'm back to normal now. Ready to get working on the layouts ready for the Granite City Train show in November. That's less than a month away now I'd better get cracking!
Modelling inspiration at RMWeb check it out.