Saturday, November 26, 2011

My favourite Model Railway Exhibition layout

This weekend, being Thanksgiving weekend has been the model train show of my local club, The Rum River Model Railroaders in Princeton, MN. This year due to other commitments I was unable to exhibit but it didn't stop me dropping in to pay a visit. A favourite layout of mine was on show.
An all time favourite.
I've been to many shows over my years in the hobby and have seen some stunning scenic layouts but this display is way up at the top of my list. It's a display of tinplate Lionel Standard gauge from the 1920' and 30's. It's great to see stock like this running instead of being in a glass case in a museum.
Above: A view of the entire layout. Size? Smaller than 8' x 4'. What is it I find so fascinating about this layout?
Just about everything is period perfect. Everything is in mint condition. Looking at this layout, it's easy to imagine being a child (admittedly probably the child of a wealthy family), keeping the baseboard under your bed. Pulling the board out from under your bed to play with your trains. To me this layout evokes the spirit and magic of being a childhood model railroader like no other.
Above: Mint tinplate station building. Lit inside and out.
Above: A view across the layout of one of the immaculate locomotives
Above: Imagine the excitement of being a child and receiving a loco like this for Christmas. Interestingly this locomotive is a full on restoration job culminating in a repaint.
I do hope you've enjoyed looking at these pictures. It might be the last thing some of you would expect to see here but I think this is well worth devoting some attention to.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Here today in the USA its National take a model train to work day. The organisers bill it as a great chance to spread to word about this great hobby. A great idea. When you consider that computer gaming is all the rage. A down to earth low tech hands on presentation of the hobby seems like a great idea.
Until you get ridiculed at work.
Like me.
I though people were better than that. I could take it when I was a kid at school. You know kids don't care what they do or say. But in this world of mature responsible adults, especially here in the USA where political correctness and respect for all is preached from all angles of society. To be greeted with derisive laughter is kind of upsetting. Deflating to say the least. It definitely bothers me otherwise I wouldn't be posting this.
I was really on a good high with the hobby after the success last weekends Granite City Train show so this idiots reaction is doubly painful.
I might just take a break for a while...
Still it is only one idiot.
But still...
I don't know...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Micro/Small layouts for model Railroads

It's worth noting that the website once run by the late Carl Arendt has returned.
As of yet I don't know who is running it. But its good to have it back.