Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Going Underground: Redux

You all know me. I have problems when it comes to model railways. I have too many influences and come up with too many ideas. Why, currently there are layouts micro layouts in H0 and 00 scale being built, as well as layouts being investigated in H0n30 and Z scale. Add to that Purespring watercress in Gn15 sat in retirement, and and my H0/00 scale Nowhere/British Oak loading point layout in storage and you can see I have issues...
I need a clear out in the model railway room.
I started with the best of intentions.
"Never throw anything away" is one of my mottos. It's probably why I have so much stuff in the model railway room in the first place.
One of the first things I found was some structures from an idea I had for a 1:35n2 underground munitions store layout.
The original Underground munitions store layout concept.
It was one of the first layout plans I posted on this blog, back in 2006. The idea goes back even further than that. I kept the buildings and rolling stock I'd started on because I thought the whole concept was a good idea and I was sure I'd come back to it one day.
That might well have been today.
I looked at the structures and wondered to myself if they would fit into an APA box...
A new layout perhaps?
The result of the wonderings is clear to see. The structures do fit in quite obviously. The track plan as laid is a simple "tuning fork" design. Though it would be easy to fit in an extra siding in front given the short size of the flat wagons I converted from Bachmann On30 vee skips. On the track at back you can see the Eimco compressed air loco I started work on at one point. 
A cave wall would be an interesting scenic development and murky lighting would add to atmosphere.
Clearing out the model railway room has come to a stop.

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